't Bollenveld

At the edge of the forest, two kilometers from the town of De Koog on Texel, there are two holiday bungalows (semi-detached) on a large private field.The Tulp and the Iris, together 't Bollenveld. The beach is within walking distance (2.5 km through forest and dunes) and behind the house is a piece of forest with beautiful hiking trails.

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The cottages

Both cottages have 3 double bedrooms. On the ground floor there is a living room with open kitchen per cottage, a bedroom (double bed with 2 separate mattresses of 2.00 x 0.90), a toilet and a bathroom with shower and toilet. From the living room there are patio doors to the terrace outside. The other two bedrooms are on the first floor. One of these bedrooms has 2 single beds (2.00 x 0.90). The other bedroom has a bunk bed, these beds are 1.90 x 0.90. Both cottages have central heating, downstairs in the living room and in the bathroom there is underfloor heating. Cottage Tulp has a dining table seating 12 and a wood stove.

Texel uses paid parking in all villages and at the beach strokes. A vignette costs € 10.00 per day, € 20.00 per week or € 30.00 per year. A single ticket is € 2.50 per hour. Would you like to know more or buy a Texel e-vignette directly? Go to www.texelevignet.nl

On normal days the boat sails from Den Helder every half an hour. On Fridays in the summer months, an extra boat sails every hour. For more information, prices and pre-ordering tickets, see the TESO site.

Trash: On Texel we separate the trash as follows;

  • Paper: In the box in the shed
  • Glass: In crate in the shed or take it away yourself opposite of hotel de Pelikaan
  • Plastic: Trash container with orange lid
  • Green trask (so all food products): Trash container with green lid

De Tulp

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De Iris

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In the houses is available:

  • TV with cable connection
  • Free WIFI
  • Central heating
  • Coffeefilter machine
  • Water boiler
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • A dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Kitchen inventory
  • Fireplace (Tulp, only for bought wood)
  • Terrace garden furniture
  • High chair and cot
  • Sandpit
  • Trampoline
  • Swing
  • Tumblebars
  • Bicycle storage
  • Per cottage 1 private parkingspot


'T Bollenveld has a possible arrival every day with a minimum period of 3 nights. Weekend nights in mid and low season are more expensive. Highseason is July, August, school holidays and weekends from March until November. Midseason is March until November outside of school holidays. Lowseason is November until March outside of schoolvakanties.

't Bollenveld

12 people
High Middle Low
3 nights €995 €410 - €895 €450 - €795
4 nights €1195 €620 - €930 €500 - €825
5 nights €1400 €775 - €1085 €675 - €850
6 nights €1600 €1085 - €1240 €850 - €875
7 nights €1800 €1395 €910

Huisje Tulp

6 people
High Middle Low
3 nights €545 €260 - €475 €250 - €420
4 nights €645 €335 - €490 €275 - €440
5 nights €725 €410 - €570 €350 - €450
6 nights €825 €570 - €645 €450 - €460
7 nights €925 €725 €480

Huisje Iris

6 people
High Middle Low
3 nights €450 €205 - €420 €200 - €375
4 nights €550 €285 - €440 €225 - €385
5 nights €675 €360 - €515 €300 - €400
6 nights €775 €515 - €595 €400 - €415
7 nights €875 €670 €430

Extra costs

Cleaning: 't Bollenveld 12 people: €100, Tulp and Iris separately: €50

Touristtax: €2,30 p.p.p.n.

Pet: €25 per booking per pet (max 1 per house, but max 3 for the entire Bollenveld)

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No smoking in the cottages

Do not stay overnight in the houses with more than the specified number of people (maximum 6 people per house)

Do not place tents or caravans on the premises

It is not rented to young people under the age of 21

No driving or parking on the field.

Travel directions

On normal days the boat sails from Den Helder every half an hour. On Fridays in the summer months, an extra boat sails every hour. For more information, prices and pre-ordering tickets, see the TESO site .

You can reach the house as follows: from the boat you drive towards De Koog (straight on). The intersections on this road are indicated by numbers. At the crossing no. 14, turn left. The first road to the right is the Bosrandweg. The house is the fourth house on your left. You can park your car (s) on the field in front of the houses.

Possibilities in the area

There is a large playing field in front of the house that can be closed with a gate. Behind the house you can walk through the woods and dunes to the beach (about 20 minutes). In the area you will find various nature reserves (Slufter, Muy) about 10 minutes by car. Ecomare (seal sanctuary) is also nearby. A subtropical swimming paradise can be walked in 10 minutes. The nearest village is De Koog (10 minutes walk). There you can do your daily shopping and rent bicycles. The largest village of Den Burg can be reached by car in 10 minutes.


If you walk into the forest behind the house, cross the cycle path and then keep left, you will arrive at the Pelikaansweg. There the Sommeltjespad starts on the other side. A small walk where you can encounter all kinds of animals and sommels. Very suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 8.

Forest / dune / beach walk

One of the most beautiful walks in the area (about an hour and a half). Go behind the house into the forest and walk straight to the back as much as possible. Then you come to water where you keep left. You cross the Pelikaansweg and after a short walk you turn right. You are then walking a.h.w. next to the pelican road. You cross the Boodtlaan and enter the forest again. If you now keep walking straight ahead you will reach the beach through the dunes. On the beach a bit to the right and the first entrance back into the dunes. You then take a detour through the forest in the direction of the Pelikaansweg and then back home through the forest.

Heather walk

Just behind the house in the forest are a few nice pieces of heather, but small. A larger part is Het Mientje. Walk (one and a half to two hours). Walk into the forest behind the house. On the cycle path to the left. (You can also take a forest path that runs parallel to the cycle path) Follow the cycle path, cross the Pelikaanweg. Continue until you reach the Californieweg. Here you go a little bit to the right. Then you walk left on a small road that passes a number of houses. It is a dead end, and then you are almost on the Mientje. For example, walk around it and then back home. In the forest between Pelikaanweg and Californieweg on the pasture side is the Alloo, a nature reserve for which a fence has been set up in the forest edge through which you can view the birds. You can easily pass it back by keeping the edge of the forest on the sea side.


The Texel Museum Ecomare is on the road to beach pole 17. Walking through forest and dunes is about 50 minutes. There is a nice exhibition and the water hall is especially nice. However, the top point is always feeding the seals. First find out what time it is so that you can include it in the planning.

Beachcombing Museum

Flora farm is located on the Pontweg near exit 13. The beachcombers have set up an exhibition here that is very nice to see. Make sure you also get to speak to one of the beachcombers because they can tell beautiful stories. Do not go there in winter because it is terribly cold.

Subtropical Swimming Pool

The Subtropical Swimming Pool Calluna is located on Schumakersweg and Pontweg just before De Koog. It is fine to walk from the house. Then go through the forest, on the cycle path to the right to Euroase. If you enter the terrain there and keep to the left you will get there the fastest and you do not have to walk along the road. There is also a sauna and Turkish bath.

Bicycle tours

Of course you can cycle beautifully through the forest. You can go out in front of the gate, then to the right, also to the right on the Pelikaanweg. Please note that at a given moment you can turn left onto the cycle path. At the Californieweg you go to the right. At the end to the left again. For example, you can cycle through the woods and dunes to Westerslag, or through the woods to the picnic area, from where there are also other cycle paths. The Fonteinsnol is located in the forest at the Jan Ayeslag. It is a nice watchtower where you have a nice view. Our children have always loved the Boskiosk, which is a little further along this road. You can buy ras fries and ice cream there. There is also a very high dune, called the KampeersNol, where you can see the sea. If you want to cycle even further, you can join Den Hoorn. A beautiful old church adorns the village. And the old Dutch sweet shop is also worth a visit. However, you could also cycle towards Mui or Slufter. Or along the Waal and Burgerdijkje all the way to Oudeschild. In short, too many options to be able to do in 1 week!