Wonderful 3-day bike trip or hike on the island of Texel

In three days you can walk or cycle through the Duinen van Texel National Park. Along the dunes, beach, forest and meadows. You can visit Ecomare, climb the Eierland Lighthouse and see Vlieland from the dike in De Cocksdorp. A very varied tour.


The trip

You will spend 1 night in 't Langebosch near De Koog. The second night you will sleep in the Eierdop in De Cocksdorp. Linen and bed linen are provided in both accommodations, and there are towels and tea towels available. We also provide groceries for dinner, breakfast and a packed lunch, even for a drink in the evening. You can also choose to eat out before dinner, which will be included in the price at 7.50 euros.

For a three-day hike you need at least a good backpack, rain gear and sturdy shoes.

For the bike ride you can take your bike with you on the boat for 5 euros. or you can rent them from bicycle rental Veerhaven Texel, see for info: Fietsverhuur Texel.

You can book a start date via VVV Texel or directly via me. If you book directly through me, other start dates are also possible in consultation.

You leave your car in Den Helder (that saves a car ticket of 38 euros) and simply take a day pack with 1 packed lunch for the first day and your clothes. You can also have lunch en route at your own expense at various catering establishments.

Of course it is (in consultation) possible to deviate from the planned route, for example if you want to take your dog with you, who cannot walk certain parts of the third day, or if you want to extend or shorten the route.

Route walking tour

Day 1: From the boat to De Koog (19km)

The boat from Den Helder to Texel is only a 20-minute boat ride, and yet it gives this walk something foreign. Salty sea air, screeching seagulls and the mudflats: the island feeling. And that's just the beginning of a promising journey. From the harbor you walk over the drift dike and through the dunes with a wide view of De Hors, a dynamic area with pieces of mudflats, dunes and the Mok Bay. Texel is still growing here. But what the sea gives at the Hors disappears a little further at the Westerduinen. The battle between sea and land is still going on here, according to the piers, sand replenishment and steep dunes. The Texel dune area does not only consist of sand and beach grass. You walk to the beach through beautifully overgrown dune area, through woods and heath. From there you will pass Ecomare, where you can see a living ant colony in the hall. You will also encounter Jac P. Thijsse in the dunes. Eventually you will arrive at your overnight address' t Langebosch.

Day 2: Along Texel's well-known nature reserves De Muy and De Slufter (19 km)

From 't Langebosch you first go through the forest along Het Maartens House with its beautiful butterfly garden. Then you walk along De Koog. From there through the woods and dunes to the beach. Then you choose inland again. You will pass a beautiful viewing dune. Here you can see the inland lake De Muy where many spoonbills breed in the spring. You will pass the beautiful nature reserves De Muy and De Slufter, created by dike breaches. De Slufter, which is completely purple from sea lavender in the summer. Through the dunes you come to De Krimweg. From there you walk along Het Krimbos to De Cocksdorp. Here you can still climb the beautiful lookout mill made from the wood of the elms that used to decorate the Molenlaan.

Day 3: Over dikes and past sheep (19 km)

From the top of Texel, where you can climb the Lighthouse for a while, this stage takes you along the Waddendijk with a view over the Eierlandse gat, the Waddenzee and Vlieland. At De Cocksdorp he dives into the Eierlandsepolder, a 19th-century reclaimed land of salt marshes and creeks. Here you walk zigzagging through a nature reserve of Staatsbosbeheer, on sometimes swampy pasture paths and former creek beds. Via an unpaved polder road you reach the wide Eierland Canal where you have to cross yourself with a tug of war ferry to the Binnendijk. Follow this grassy dike, which is rich in sheep and crossing, until the origins road, after which you walk towards the Wadden dike. Here you have a beautiful view of the Mill of the North. Then you walk along the waddendijk to Oost, a lovely hamlet near Oosterend. Here you take the bus back to the boat.

Route bike ride

Day 1

cycles past the beautiful village of Den Hoorn, along dunes and woods, of course also take a look at the beach and then to our house near De Koog.

Day 2

Today you will cycle along the Waal and Burgerdijkje, along Mui and the Slufter to the lighthouse. Then along a piece of the Wadden side to the second lodging address in De Cocksdorp.

Day 3

The third day you cycle along the Waddendijk towards Oosterend, then to Oudeschild and via the Hoge Berg back to the boat. You will have cycled a large part of Texel. Texel is 30 km long and 15 km wide. You will cycle about 30 km every day.

For 3 days of organized walking or cycling (2x overnight stay, groceries for 2x dinner, 2x breakfast 2x packed lunch, good walking / cycling route, map of Texel, bus ticket third day, emergency telnl in case of problems) you pay:

2 people: €195 p.p.

3 - 6 people: €175 p.p.

Extra cost

Weekend surcharge (Friday/Saturday/Sunday): €5 p.p. per weekendnight.

Extra transport to boat (instead of bus) of bagage transport: €60

Touristtax: €2.30 p.p.p.n.